How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning?

Let’s assume you’ve decided to get the carpet in your home cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner and the appointment stands finalized. The normal tendency is to take it easy assuming that the agency will take care of everything and you need to just settle their bill and it is done. This is a wrong perception. There are a few things you must do to get the best results from the carpet cleaning effort. You may be familiar with some of the preparation work before the carpet cleaners arrive. However, it may be useful to revisit once lest you forget any part of the preparation.

Important Preparatory Work for Perfect Carpet Cleaning


This is something practically everyone agrees. It helps to vacuum clean your carpet once before the carpet cleaners you have engaged arrive. It removes any surface dirt or debris on the carpet. It will also help in the professional team to do a deep-cleaning of the carpet. If you check with agencies offering carpet cleaning in Pleasanton CA, they may insist that you do the vacuuming. Only rarely does the agency’s team do the vacuuming on their own before they do the full cleaning.

Clear the Floor:

If the carpet in your living room is to be cleaned by the professional team, you have a lot of work to do. Your carpet may be full of stuff, furniture, things like decorative pieces perched on a stand that can get damaged if left there when the carpet cleaning work is going on. You will have to remove all of them and keep them elsewhere. This should be done before you do the vacuuming since you will also get the full floor to work on. If you have full-length drapes, secure them at a height so that they won’t interfere with the cleaning equipment.

Don’t leave any valuables around.

Take Care of Your Pets:

If you have pets at home, you should keep them away from where the carpet cleaning team is working. Secure them in a safe place.

Clear the Driveway:

Most carpet cleaning companies bring the equipment in their vehicles and would want it to be parked as close to the house as possible. Some pipelines may be drawn from the truck to the house. Keep the driveway clear for their vehicle to be accommodated.

Moving Furniture:

At times, the professional carpet cleaning team that comes will refuse to move the furniture sitting on the carpet. Even if they do, they will add a charge for this. If you want to be well prepared for the carpet cleaners, you must have the furniture moved out before they arrive.

Make a note of the Key Issues:

You have engaged the professional carpet cleaning firm since you feel your carpet needs a makeover. Usually, someone might have spilled something on the carpet creating a stain and that could have prompted you to call the agency. There may be other spots that won’t get cleaned with your regular cleaning. Make a note of those spots that need special attention and inform the guy who comes to do the cleaning.


Tip: You should spare some time and make efforts to keep the carpet in your home ready in preparation for the carpet cleaners to come and do a perfect job.