How to Estimate Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is an integral part of taking care of trees. Whether you or your family member had plated or you have it as part of the property you purchased, you should know how trees grow. Depending on the type of tree, they all grow differently. Trimming of trees becomes essential when their branches grow in all directions or become an obstruction. Some simple tree trimming work can be handled by you if you have the inclination and the required tools. For a professional trimming of trees in your yard, you have to call an agency offering tree trimming in Stockton CA. Before you call them, you may wish to know how much they would charge for the tree trimming work. There are several elements to be factored in before you can arrive at an approximation of the cost of tree trimming.

The Different Factors Related to Tree Trimming

Remember that if you own a palm tree or a pine tree or an oak tree, and want it trimmed, it may cost you even $1,000 or more if they are very tall and inaccessible. In most other cases, the tree trimming estimate can be around $400 or below depending on a few factors. What are these factors?

The Size of the Tree: The tree trimming agency will first want to know the height of the tree you want to be trimmed. This is mainly due to two reasons; they may have to deploy more tree trimming gear to reach the heights and to secure the falling branches. It may involve bringing in more manpower. These will push up the estimated cost of trimming. This also includes how close to a building or a structure the tree is located.

Are the Trees Healthy? You may be calling a tree trimming service agency since you have noticed parts of the tree appear to be carrying a disease. The agency will certainly quote a higher price in such a situation. It is also possible that the agency representative noticed the disease.

Do You Have Many Trees to be Trimmed?

One way you can save some money is by getting more trees trimmed at once. The agency may offer you a discount. The costs mentioned above are indicative of the estimate for tree trimming per tree.

Disposal of the Trimmed Portions of the Tree

The tree trimming service company would also want to know the disposal instructions for the trimmed parts of the tree. If that responsibility is also given to them, their estimate will grow higher. Most experts would recommend that you ask the agency to leave the branches. You can use the wood after drying it if you have a fireplace. The other alternative is to ask the agency to convert the wood into mulch which you can use in your yard. This can bring down the overall cost of tree trimming.

Taking all these into consideration, if you have a tree around 25 feet in height and is in a healthy condition, you can expect the estimated cost of tree trimming to be around $80. You can add more to the cost as the tree size increases and there are more branches to be trimmed.