House painters quote their prices based on how big your house is and how long it will take them to complete the painting task. If the house is large, more paint will be consumed and the man-hours spent will be more. The effort needed to paint the kitchen may not be the same as painting an empty bedroom. Painting the exterior of the house will require certain additional equipment. You will be surprised to learn that the hourly salaries paid to house painters differ from state to state. It is therefore not possible to have a standard rate the house painters in Washington DC will charge.

The Different Areas Within House Painting

The term house painting encompasses a variety of areas or sub-tasks each requiring a different approach. The regular painting of the living room and bedrooms that include the walls, ceiling, and doors and windows cannot be ignored. Besides, there are areas like the kitchen, basement, if you have one, and the bathrooms.

House painting can include the exterior as well. Here, depending on the type of finish the walls have been given, the painting requirements can change. Before applying the paint, the exterior walls will have to be given a wash and then scraped and primed. The wooden windows exposed to the vagaries of the weather will have to be thoroughly examined and if any damages are noticed, these will have to be repaired.

You will concede that the task of house painting, though appears simple and straightforward to a layperson, can be quite a complicated exercise. In particular, estimating how much the house painter will charge is not that easy.

Choosing the Right Paint

In as much as the type of activity involved in carrying out painting work in a house is diverse, the options in terms of the paint to be used are also aplenty. You might be coming across advertisements by different paint brands, each claiming theirs to be superior. Some will claim their exterior paint is dust repellent and another will say their wall paint is washable and so on. If you are not very familiar with these aspects, you will depend on the house painter to guide you through the selection of the right paint for each application. The color of paint to be used can be chosen by you.

Making an Estimation of How Much It Will Cost

With these inputs, you can get a rough estimate of the cost you will incur in getting your house painted by an expert house painter. The thumb rule employed by the house painters is usually a base figure per square foot of painting done. If you have a bedroom that is 12-feet x 12-feet, you have 4 side-walls and the ceiling, the doors and windows, and the closet. These could set you back by around $2,000. This would be based on mid-grade paint, the minimum amount of preparatory work, and one coat of paint. Any additional coat of paint will cost you more. This amount is only for the interior and one bedroom. Keep increasing the cost as you add more areas and the exterior. A rough estimate is $3 per square foot.