Tree removal is a big task and it could leave our lawn could be in a bad shape. You will have to make efforts to get your lawn back to the lush green it used to be. It is not a day’s job, but you must get down to it as soon as possible. If only part of the lawn has been affected, you should ensure the rest of the areas of the lawn at least stay protected.

Clearing up the Area

You may find a lot of mulch covering the lawn lying about. This must be removed first. This is because the mulch may retain heat and transmit down to the grass and even burn it. Once you have removed the mulch, inspect to see which parts of the yard you must grow the grass again.

Growing Grass

You must keep the following ready to begin the process of planting grass again:

  • Grass seeds
  • Fertilizer (Nitrogen-rich)
  • Topsoil
  • Rake
  • Shovel
  • Gloves

Start by clearing the area using the rake. You must use the shovel to turn the soil over to give the top of the soil a fresh feel. Now spread the fertilizer around the area. You can use your gloved hand to do this. If you are comfortable using bare hands, it should not be a problem. The fertilizer has to be rich in nitrogen badly needed for the grass to grow thick and quick.

Next, spread the topsoil in the area. Your local store should be able to offer you the right quality topsoil. Once you have spread the topsoil, use the rake to even out the mixture over the surface.

In the next step, you must seed the grass in this prepared bed. Be liberal with the seeds and move back and forth to ensure the coverage is total. You should use the rake again to make sure the seeds and the earlier mix of fertilizer and topsoil are all nicely bonding together. You can spread more topsoil over this and you are good to go in preparing a fresh lawn.

Lastly, water the lawn well. There should be a minimum time lag between sowing the seeds and watering it. If the seeds go dry, the grass won’t come up. Watering is a critical part of growing healthy grass. You have to spare the time and effort to water the lawn regularly.

Leaving it to a Professional Agency

Some people are very busy to be able to do all these activities themselves. There can be other reasons for not doing it too. There are quite a few agencies that specialize in tree removal in Hayward CA and would be willing to do the job for you for a fee. You can leave it to them to select the fertilizer and topsoil. They will check with you the kind of grass you want to have in your lawn. The agency or an individual expert will fix the time with you and finish the job to your satisfaction. You or a member of your family must take the responsibility for watering the lawn regularly.

Once you have the lawn green and proper, it has to be maintained. Mowing the grass and keeping it watered are tasks you cannot ignore if you like your lawn.